He Zhi Hua Crushed by Steamroller by Order of Chinese Official

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He Zhi Hua, a villager in Changsha Village, China who tried to resist a forced government relocation, was crushed to death by a steamroller on the orders of a Chinese government official.

This is the horrifying moment a Chinese protester was allegedly brutally crushed to death by a government road flattening truck over a land dispute.

The demonstrator had apparently resisted a government relocation when he appeared to be crushed by the huge vehicle on the orders of a Chinese government official.

The victim, named as He Zhi Hua, had refused to accept a small sum to relocate from Changsha Village in Hunan Province, where government officials want to claim land for commercial use.

Hua protested by lying down on the spot through which construction vehicles had to drive.That’s when the local Vice Mayor ordered workers to murder Hua by driving over his body with a steamroller.

Protest: Residents in Changsha Village, Hunan Province, had earlier demonstrated about being moved from their homes as local authorities wanted to use their land for commercial buildings

The local authorities had already evicted many others from Changsha Village when the state-owned construction vehicle carried out the killing, according to reports.

To censor the story, the Chinese government sent in 200 men to keep angry locals at bay and hide the remains of the body. Hua’s family was offered money in order to keep quiet.

Reports have also claimed that the man’s family were offered a sum of money to ‘keep quiet’ about the incident, according to infowars.com.

The site also reported that after the killing, 200 heavy-handed security officials were sent to the scene to quell any protests from onlookers.


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