For SomeOne that I afraid to lose

actually, I couldn’t hate u even a second.
from started we know to now, u’re the only woman that fully patient to me, and the most much chat with me, somehow other women not much talk or chat, mayb bcoz they hav a boyfren, or no have topic to talk since I’m programmer and my interaction always with men.
I just afraid to make u burden, also I don’t wanna made ur deed as compulsion.
I’m nothin to u.

when I’m in high school I like s1
she is alike u, thin with long hair and white skin, but not same face.
after graduation, I was informed that she left to US and stay there.
along with with my Mom’s Stroke, I had targeted myself to made some achievement even I started with nothin
six month after my Mom passed away
my Sister got married and stay in Malay
then, I was informed that ‘she’ married with s1,
it made me felt lose everything


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