Formerly known as “Saturday”, Caturday is a day when the posting of cats and lolcats is acceptable, and encouraged.

The Great Prophecy of Caturday.jpg


In 2005, the chemists at 4chan decided to set aside a day when the posting of cats and cat macros would be acceptable, and even encouraged. Since one-seventh of a week was deemed insufficient for the posting of such a large volume of cats, it was later decided that “Every day shall be Caturday”. This decision was lauded by those who love cats, and derided by those who do not.

Lolcat contestlolcatLolcat

Fundamental Theorem of Caturday



Current status

Cats are still posted on Caturday, to the chagrin of those who dislike cats. These people will often post gross kitty images to Caturday threads, to show their contempt.


  • Today is Caturday, post cats plzkthx.
  • Every day is now Caturday.

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