Christina Hadiwijaya – Experience in Hollywood of actress Indonesia

The vagaries of Hollywood who had only read and heard by Christina Hadiwijaya now directly experienced. Included, about the temptation of porn scene between players and the director and producer. A classic competition and challenges behind the glitter Hollywood has to offer the American dream.

Ramadan Pohan, Washington DC

A FEW days ago, on the Cinemax cable television movie aired Married People, Single Sex: Urban Adultery. On the internet or a review of the film in America, shows duration of 84 minutes is often abbreviated Married People only. The film was ranked rated R, Restricted (restricted) for audiences aged over 18 years.

Because, in the sections contained language film and a very thick berunsur sex. Toward midnight, the TV-TV in Uncle Sam as Cinemax, Showtime, or HBO’s films often are classified as hot.

The main star production of Married People Productions Mike Sedan is Christina Hadiwijaya. Name and face are typical smell Indonesia. I was soon to gather information, find out everything about him, and talk to him.

Married People is the story of the vagaries of the three pairs of Asian-American, black (black) and white (white). The film is a romantic drama that reveals a matter of jealousy, selfishness, matre, and the excitement of intercourse. Cultivation of Hollywood production is made unique. For example, interspersed with documentary-style interviews. However, the most sensational was not there, but the presence of actress from Indonesia. Christina is not merely due to get the lead role (lead), but also kenekatannya appear naked. For a free country like America, it did not matter carried along all the trappings the film adhered to the rule of law.

There are some scenes that Christina, I am sure, 100 percent would not qualify for the sensor, if played in Indonesia. Especially, persebadanannya scene with her boyfriend in the bathroom. Polos total.In the bath (bath) small size of the two adults were squatting, beautiful woman and her partner is a great date.

At another scene, Christina, who plays the fictional Allison is so flirty and slut tease and play with passion when a black man, David. They were hugging, kissing, and touching and being touched by hot until Allison eventually stop. Why was stopped by? Allison suddenly felt guilty for entry into the affair.

Married People movie produced in 2002 and cassettes sold in 2003 it was quite popular. Until now, DVD and VHS tapes of his widely circulated in the U.S.. In fact, in the virtual shop, the film includes a lot of interest. The new video tapes for USD 25 to a second-hand for $ 5 lot trade in the virtual shop.

On the internet, it’s too hot in the movie-review analyst, the good the bad the film is considered as a whole follows the expertise of the star. I was lucky enough to see Christina and bad because they were given four stars, one level below the five-star perfection. Christina playmates instead there are just given one star.

Even more interesting, thanks to Married People, Christina entered the ranks of Hollywood hot actress. I find the data that Christina be the mascot of the film. In some internet pay sites, netter or the customer is required to view the beauty of dollars reached in the hot actresses, including Christina.

From a search on the internet, I also get the website belongs to him: Error! Reference source not found .. The website contains a biography, a brief biography, photos, and everything about Christina’s art career, especially in Los Angeles, California. But, on the site, you will not get all that hot as it is imaged Married People. On the website, it appears that Christina is another character, namely as a serious actress and full of idealism. The displays of photographs that were serbasopan, graceful, and intellect. Christina graduated from college S-1 and S-2 business in Ohio.

When I contacted Christina, who emerges is precisely the woman or girl Jakarta Indonesia. Loose language, slang, and occasionally interspersed with English. Apparently, he was less comfortable because I play the shot immediately asked her courage berbugil ria in Married People.

“Rock On, Mas … Before I begin, I must explain to the movie Married People Mas that it is not adult or pornographic films. I would never want to play a porn movie, “explains Christina answered this newspaper.

Women 28 years of high school alumnus Don Bosco II, Pulo Mas, Jakarta, it is stated that mama, papa, brother, and his friends called the film “only” rated R. Christina is the eldest among two brothers from her mother and her father are from Bandung from Probolinggo. Christina’s parents were domiciled in Jakarta.

“It’s somewhat erotic, but it’s not really a hardcore porn film. I’m surprised you still refer to it as an adult movie film. Because, I never thought it was a adult movie, “he said rather protest.

I explained to Christina that I call adult solely because such calls Cinemax TV. Moreover, the term adult movies (adult) is not the same as pornographic films. In porn films, scenes of coitus was really like a transparent and exploration of sex is illegal and repugnant. While Married People still respect factor plot, theme, and acting. And, drawing porn sex does not include criteria abis.

Christina actively pursue professional acting classes at the institute in Los Angeles. Now he is still listed in the agency Models & Talent Cassandra Campbells are located at 1617 El Centro Ave Suite 19, Los Angeles,
CA 90028.

“About Married People … yes it was my first movie nude dare. Why brave? Because, in addition to paid professionals, I feel comfortable with the director is a woman and other people involved in the film, “said Christina.

I lure him on the scene in the bathtub like the real thing. “Oh Mas, do not ya dong! I was really cook sex scene? Atuuuh only pretending! I’m not sure if was really told to have sex. Wong I am a very happily married woman anyway, “he said.

Christina has been married to the man from Ohio, USA, which is a civil engineer and worked in the fields of environment (environment). He did not move to follow the citizenship Rich, the husband. He admitted that he devoted to the green passport of the Republic of Indonesia. Because, after all green cards issued by the U.S. government was enough to make him serbabebas live and work in Uncle Sam.

What Rich commented on Married People? “I say what it is to him. Well, I Married People explained that it was not adult film. My husband knows.He read his script and fully support. So, he’s very, very, and very supportive of my career, “says Christina.

Is Allison’s figures reflect your personal life? Christina confirmed that the figures which she played the very opposite of his personal life. When stating this, vocal Christina looked upset. This implies antinya attitude to Allison, the girl who just likes to buy matre underwear (underwear) and show that good hedonism.

“I do independently, can not stand living at home. So, I do not like shopping. Ih …, hated and can not stand deh. I am more intelligent, Ambitious, not lazy, and a self-starter, not like Allison who works nggaet guy, do not want to work, and deliberately let dikawinin pregnant. Bleh …!Useless!, “He said lightly.

Okay he’s not happy in Married People. But, precisely because he is known for the film and started up the world of Hollywood. Bid advertisement and the model continued to arrive. In fact, now a barrage of other Hollywood producers and directors offered him a new play texts. Many are denied by Christina, especially those only of porn scene.

Kapokkah thee openly with scenes and nude ria, Christina? Women capable of black-eyed brown-haired, slightly shook his head. Problem is not at all naked to his abstinence. “If the story is pretty good and the sex or nude scenes are important to the story, yes okay,” he said.

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