Simi Simi: Let’s chat


SimSimi (Photo credit: Prachatai)

SIMSIMI is an artificial intelligence conversation application available on multiple platforms such as Android, iPhone, Computer and iTunes.

Simsimi operates and draw its operation on more than 11 Million Question-and-Answersapplication users.

Many positive feedback were expressed on how this application converse with users. Some even describe this as the best application they ever used.

How does Simsimi Works? This application runs of  Text / Chat operations. When a user send a sentence, a phrase or a text; It automatically responds by scanning all related text/conversation in its massive database then answering out relevant and most often hilarious / funny responses.

The best part about this application, is it can be taught by user on possible specific answers for a particular question. Most of all, this evolutionary characteristic of this application makes it possible converse to local vernaculars/languages.

Simisimi is just another typographical error or common typing mistake when  trying to go to  and chat with Simsimi.

You can first hand experience to converse with Simsimi just click this link: Talk With Simsimi



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