Configure a Linux-HA high avaliability heartbeat cluster

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In this example we will configure a webserver using apache and we will cluster it. It can be implemented on centos, fedora and other redhat flavors.

Pre-Configuration Requirements

Following are the hostnames and ipv4 addresses that will be used:

  • prime ( webserver)
  • calc (webserver)
  • sigma (ha address)


1. Download and install the heartbeat package. In our case we are using CentOS so we will install heartbeat with yum:

yum install heartbeat

or download these packages:


2. Now we have to configure heartbeat on our two node cluster. We will deal with three files. These are:

  1. /etc/ha.d/ protocol, server options and servers.
  2. /etc/ha.d/authkeys: shared keysfile
  3. /etc/ha.d/resources: resource definitions

For the example setup the file looks like the following:

debugfile /var/log/ha-debug
logfile /var/log/ha-log
logfacility     local0
keepalive 2
deadtime 10
udpport 694
bcast     eth0
node    prime
node    calc
auto_failback on

The above options are…

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