Basic commands used in Linux

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These are the basic commands used in creating/deleting or working with files and directories….

man mkdir  :It gives the description about mkdir command.In place of mkdir u can give any command to know about that particular command.

mkdir linux  :Creates new directory named linux.

rmdir linux  :removes the directory linux.

rm -r linux  :removes the directory linux eventhough it contains file or directories.

cd linux  :change the directory to linux,which is present in the current directory.

pwd  :prints the current working directory.

cd..   :come out from current directory.

ls  :displays all files and directories present in current directory.

ls -c  :lists all files and directories in the created order.

cat> dinesh  :creates a file named dinesh in the current directory.

cat infotech  :displays the data present in file infotech.

wc dinesh  :displays the no. of lines, word,letters

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